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Twitter Hacks-How To Avoid Them

  • November 4th, 2013 by SEM Contributor
No sane human being would like his account to be hacked at any given time. Most of us work very hard to avoid any form of hacking on our information spread across the web. As Twitter rises in popularity and lots of companies, famous people, celebrities and people are engaged in creating millions of tweets, the world has been baffled… Read more

Is Social Media Leaving Your Home Insecure?

  • December 11th, 2012 by SEM Contributor
Whether you own or rent your residence, is it as secure as it should be? In many cases, individuals set themselves up for a break-in or worse by telling the world that they are not home. You’ve seen it before, check-ins, shares, tweets, announcing essentially that one is away from their residence, and that the timing may just be right… Read more