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Funding Your Indie Project through Kickstart

  • January 31st, 2011 by Damian Davila
Kickstarter is  an innovative social startup that uses crowd sourcing to fund creative projects and ambitious endeavors.  This startup is made up of a team of 14 in New York, New York with offices in the Lower East Side. Half of them work on the product (designing and coding), and the other half work with the community. Kickstarter sets itself… Read more

Is Social Media Trustbait the Future ?

  • January 17th, 2011 by Cijo Abraham Mani
There has been lot of changes in the search industry during 2010. The key term we heard during 2010 was “Social Media Optimization/Social Media Marketing”. We are now onto 2011 and social media marketing is to grow much more as search engines have started to give importance to social media links. The social media links needs trustbait rather than linkbait.… Read more

Using Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

  • November 18th, 2010 by SEM Contributor
Facebook is the clear leader of the social media pack with over 500 million active users. Many people check their accounts daily, and users spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook – and growing! For some people, it’s all they use the Internet for. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to set up a Facebook page… Read more

Simultaneously Grow Fan Base and Email List

  • November 2nd, 2010 by SEM Contributor
Social Media facets, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all great ways to keep your fans in touch with your brand.  However one drawback is, if that fan or customer is not at their news feed at the right moment, you missed them.  That is one reason why email marketing has and still will be a major player to communicate directly with… Read more

Karmaback: Harness the Power of Reward Based Social Promotion

  • October 26th, 2010 by Ann Smarty
Karmaback is a new type of commercial social networking service, that aims to provide a platform from which advertisers can promote their brands, by harnessing the power of peoples personal social media accounts. Karmaback hopes to achieve this by offering non-business users the ability to earn karma points, which they do by interacting with the Karmaback system. Points can then… Read more

How to Sabotage your Social Media Campaign in Five Easy Steps

  • October 22nd, 2010 by SEM Contributor
In ‘real life’ most of us are pretty clear on what will and will not result in the loss of friends and the alienation of those around you.  Pinching your boss’ cheek in mock affection for example, will probably result in a fresh box file, filled to brim with the contents of your (old) desk. Need I expand upon the… Read more

10 Tips for Keeping Social Media Truly Social

  • October 20th, 2010 by SEM Contributor
The web is overflowing with blog posts, news articles, and even YouTube videos that give people all sorts of juicy Internet marketing tips. There are plenty of helpful articles about “leveraging” Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to work for your business and your professional networking. The apparent web-based obsession with commercializing social media should be no surprise for two reasons: 1)… Read more

SellAround.Net: Invoking the Power of Social Media to Sell

  • October 11th, 2010 by Ann Smarty
When it comes to selling things online, no matter whether you’re getting rid of some unwanted items from around the home, starting your own business or selling on behalf of a company, making sure to promote your goods to a large and targeted audience will play a key part in seeing that a deal is done. To that end,… Read more

Social Promotion Made Easy – RippleFunction

  • September 29th, 2010 by Ann Smarty
One of the great things about social media is that it has made it easier than ever to get your message across to a wide range of people. By now we all know how it works, one cool video or awesome event gets put up on someones wall, some of their friends copy it (giving it exposure to a whole… Read more

Social Media and Blogging: Four Ways to Mix the Ultimate Promotional Cocktail

  • May 12th, 2010 by SEM Contributor
The social media world has reinforced one truth surrounding blogging: it is horribly ineffective when used in isolation. News bloggers, political pundits, and editorial content mills have all shown us that blogging, as a communications method, is simply too long-form to survive when placed beside short-form social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. As length increases, interest fades, and… Read more