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Social Media and the Fast Food Industry

  • September 20th, 2013 by SEM Contributor
When the fast food industry turns to social media, foodie fans follow in droves via sites like Facebook and Twitter. And, considering fast food is an all-American pastime, it’s no wonder franchises that join social media gather quite a following. But, not all fast food restaurants use the same approach when it comes to social campaigning. So, with drive-thru networking… Read more

Tired of Waiting for Dinner Service? There’s an App to Help

  • September 14th, 2010 by Tisha Tolar
Ever show up at a restaurant absolutely famished only to find out there is a 45 minute wait before you can be seated? Well, who hasn’t? Now there is a new solution for skipping the wait and never having to sit wait for your vibrator to go off before being seated at your favorite restaurant. The Onion’s AV Club has… Read more