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Super Bowl XLVII, Beyonce, and a Coke Race

Super Bowl XLVIISuper Bowl Sunday is this weekend! And of all the things we do, gone social, there is perhaps no more digitalized event in the world. Commercials to the halftime performance Beyonce will give, we’ll all be tuned in somewhere. The gist here is, Super Bowl Sunday is flat out entertaining, by the time the Ravens and 49ers kick and recieve for the first time Sunday the big brands will have already entertained us all to pieces. This year’s hype and commercial glow is unparalelled. For an instance…

Coke unveiled their Coke Chase 2013 a few days back, and the contest took on a life of its own. Of all the coming Super Bowl ads, this one is surely the most social, and with some sexy overtones of course. Social football (and or Coke) fans get to direclty impact whether or not some #CokeCowboys, #CokeShowgirls), or (#CokeBadlanders) win a race in the desert of cool refreshing coke. Outside the obvious entanglements of a “great Coke race”, it’s the way social media peeps get to foil the bad guys, and support their “good guys” that makes this game interesting.

The poll below from ProProfs plays along, asking YOU the reader just what sort of Coke consumer you are. Have some fun with us and check it out.

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7 Replies

  1. John Hadley Feb 2nd 2013

    All ways a great ad from Coke. Still #1.

  2. Fight Feb 3rd 2013

    Go showgirls

  3. Great commercial! Felt like I was at the movies!

  4. Why didn’t you give the man with the camel as an option to win the race?

  5. Go Showgirls!

  6. would have voted for the guy with the camel

  7. Showgirls will prevail, if they can perform in all that headgear, they can do anything.

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