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Social Shopping and Saving with Rather Be Shopping

Another hot shopping season is almost upon us: “Back to School” and pre-Christmas shopping is almost around the corner. You’d better get ready!

Here’s a hot new tool to add to your arsenal: Rather be Shopping

Rather be Shopping is the collection of hand-picked coupons and deals from around the Internet. The feature coupons by category (Apparel/Clothing, Gifts and Flowers, etc) as well as by retailer name (All Posters coupons, Office Depot coupons, etc).

The site offers “Email alerts” feature that lets you subscribe to any of the available retailers and receive email alerts about the new deals from the company you care about.

Another cool feature is “Hot deals” section which is described by the developers as follows:

Essentially we go out and find some great deals and then combine them with one of our coupons for an even better deal. We call it our ‘Coupon Connection’. It is another great saving money shopping tool that we are excited about!

Sounds like fun!

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10 Replies

  1. I like that this tool features the “email alert” feature so that you can customize it for the retailers you want to hear about. I think that’s the downfall of a lot of deal sites…it’s time consuming to weed through the ones you are not interested in!.

  2. Could not agree more Tracy….although I am a bit biased! :-)

  3. Another cool feature is “Hot deals” section which is described by the developers as follows:”

    Yes this is really an interesting feature. I wonder how long it will last?

  4. I like the Hot deals section-it can always focus me on what is the best offer and best buy considering price and quality!
    E mail alert is also ok, although I do not like seeing my inbox full, even when it comes to promotions and offers.
    Anyway, thanks for revealing, I will check out the links!

  5. Lovely features, the “hot deals” section is really cool :-)

  6. Lorarian89 Aug 27th 2011

    I’ve subscribed to these coupons and ever since I find myself spending much more money than I used to…lol 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing “rather be shopping” Annie, I love websites that gathers coupons from around the Internet.

  8. Well, that nice! It sounds cool to me .I guess it will serve as a big help for me, so I will give it a try.

  9. Interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. great deals is a big savings..

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