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Social Media Tips For Car Dealers

car dealershipThere is a large amount of car dealerships in the world today, which makes the industry extremely competitive. One great marketing tool that car dealerships need to use in order to combat the competition is social media.

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are great marketing tools for car dealerships because they allow them to connect with their followers, gain interest in their products and even promote their business.

If your car dealership is new to social media, or if you’re not sure how exactly it can benefit your business, use the following tips to help you find social media (and business) success.

Promote new vehicles.

Whenever your dealership gets new inventory, use your social networks to share the information with your followers. Take pictures of the vehicle (or vehicles) you want to promote and make sure that you add valuable information to the photo, such as price and features. This is a great way to let your followers know what vehicles you have at your location and why they should snag one up.

Promote your services.

If your dealership also has a service department, share this information on your social networks. Maybe some of your followers don’t realize that you have a service department, or maybe some think that their car had to come from your dealership in order for you to service it. By promoting your services on social media, you can increase your service sales.

Share promotions.

If your dealership is currently running a special, whether for car leasing/purchasing or for service, make sure that you share this information on your social networks. Let your followers know about the discounted services you’re currently offering, or let them know about the cash back or financing deals you’re running. This is a great way to get customers into your establishment.

Share your community involvement.

It’s likely that your dealership is invested in community events, so make sure you share this information on your social networks. For example, if you will have a booth and a demo of a new car at your local mall or community fair, tell your fans and followers. This may just entice them to get out of their house and visit you. Plus, many customers like to know that you give back to the community, so sharing any type of involvement is great press for your business.

Tell dealership facts.

Customers also like learning a bit about companies to build trust and relationships, so use social media to talk about your dealership. Let your fans and followers know how you got started, share pictures of your first sale or even give valuable information on the history of the cars that you sell. Teaching your audience something about your dealership or your vehicles can go a long way in building relationships.

Hold contests.

Contests are a great way to earn fans and followers, and social media makes it easy to hold contests. You can choose something simple, such as a weekly trivia contest and give discounts to your service department as a prize, or you can do something more involved, such as holding a certain type of contest and give away a car as the grand prize. No matter which type of contest you want to hold, it will build your social following.

Caleb Grant lives in Dallas and works at a small car dealership.  He often blogs about his favorite cars and tips for car dealer review monitoring.

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