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Social Media – The Secret to Finding a Job

The US was quite badly hit by the recent economic crisis. Countless businesses had to shut down and millions of people lost their jobs during the past three years. Take the opportunity and use social media to connect with potential employers.

Although the Internet has been around for a long while now, but nothing has ever been able to attract as many users as the social media. The social media emerged as a big help for people suffering from economic distress. Not only that it is providing an entertaining relief in those hectic times, it is also offering tremendous networking opportunities to those who lost their jobs.

One factor that makes social media such a powerful platform is that it allows users to interact with other users as freely as they can. The businesses soon realized the advantages of utilizing this personal level of interaction in their business-to-consumer communication. Soon enough, the gaps between consumers and businesses were shrinking. Both businesses and consumers could now make their voices heard in a more efficient manner. Today 75% of the Internet marketing is done on social media platform.

There are many ways to earn money through social media. If you are unemployed and tired of job search, it is time to land on a platform that had already made countless rags to riches stories. Let’s take a look at what options and opportunities you have.


Ever imagined a jobless person describing his feelings and sharing his stories and making money for doing just that? Bloggers can do that. Although, most of the blogs you find online are a sales pitch, the most popular are the other ones which are not. You can share experiences, knowledge and thoughts through blogs. When people relates to the content, the traffic starts to build up. Through applications such as AdSense, the money starts pouring in.

Cloud Computing / File Sharing

Can you transform you knowledge in to a Word, PowerPoint or pdf document? If so, you can upload these files on a file sharing sites. Such sites usually pay after a certain number of downloads. You can also upload audios and image files on these sites.

Video Sharing

There are many video-sharing sites that allow you to create your own video and upload it. These sites will share the revenue generated by the traffic on your video.  One major example is Youtube. It has made countless celebrities and millionaires during the last few years.

Social Networking sites

No wonder Zuckerberg is not the only person made wealthy by Facebook. Social network sites are now considered the most powerful money generating social media. They have become the most widely used advertisement tool.  You can make money by making a traffic generating and captivating fan page.  The best news about social networking is that it allows you to become a media outlet, what better way is there to advertise yourself!

This is a guest post from Albert Harris.  Albert blogs and uses social media to build relationships with potential business partners.

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