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Social Media: More Than Just ‘Joe’

Social media study

A new study recently released shows that more than the ‘average Joe’ is using social media to develop networks. Savvy political leaders are employing the strength of the Internet to reach constituents and develop policies.

The poll, conducted by StrategyOne, included almost 400 senior US congress staff and European Parliaments from Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin, was done to determine their perceived value of the internet. It outlined that in addition to research, staffers regularly used social media to influence and set policy. With 96% of the people polled using online resources and 54% of them learning of policy issues for the first time online, it is important to understand the impact social media has for political leaders to keep in touch with their constituents.

Some may think that up-and-coming staff members are engaging in the blogs and micro-blogs but Mike Krempasky, Executive Vice President, Digital Public Affairs states, “We are also encourage by the fact that out survey sample was of senior, tenured staffers who dispelled the myth that digital is only used by younger entry level staff.” In addition to checking emails, 36% of staffers use a blog to monitor and reach out to constituents. Staffers also regularly check websites for local news, parliamentary news and Google news.

As an active part of daily life, we are seeing an increase in our policy makers, world wide, using social media networks to get in touch and stay in touch with their constituents.

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