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Social Media and the Fast Food Industry

english-breakfastWhen the fast food industry turns to social media, foodie fans follow in droves via sites like Facebook and Twitter.

And, considering fast food is an all-American pastime, it’s no wonder franchises that join social media gather quite a following. But, not all fast food restaurants use the same approach when it comes to social campaigning.

So, with drive-thru networking in mind, here are some fast food franchises that are on top of social media and the winning campaigns that got them there:

Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants Leading Social Media

More and more fast food franchises are joining the world of social media each and everyday. And, some of the most popular drive-thrus have already made a substantial impact on the social landscape.

Here are the top five fast food eateries on the social media leader board according to Unmetric’s social campaigning research:

* 1. Subway – The sub sandwich king just reached the 1 millionth follower mark on Twitter and has over 20 million fans on Facebook.

* 2. McDonald’s – Everyone’s favorite hamburger restaurant has 975,000 Twitter followers and a whopping 27.3 million Facebook fans – Ronald must really know his way around social media.

* 3. Taco Bell – People are going south of the border when it comes to their social love for tacos. And, with 350,000 Twitter followers and 10 million Facebook fans, Taco Bell is steadily climbing the fast food ranks.

* 4. Pizza Hut – Slice by slice, Pizza Hut is making a social impact with 175,000 Twitter followers and 10.1 million Facebook fans – that’s a lot of dough.

* 5. Chick-Fil-A – Rounding out the top five is Chick-Fil-A, a chicken-lovers fast food dream. And, with 235,000 Twitter followers and more than 7 million Facebook fans, the chicken empire is taking social fast food by storm.

Winning Campaigns

There is a method to the social media madness when it comes to fast food restaurants.

Here are just a few of the campaign techniques that many popular fast food franchises use on a daily basis:

* McDonald’s – In an attempt to give its customers the truth behind every Big Mac and McNugget served, McDonald’s started a Q and A campaign to answer just about every question followers could think of about the fast food giant.

Not only did McDonald’s receive an overwhelming response that resulted in tons of social media traffic, the restaurant stood by their word by providing customers with answers to every question posted as well as behind the scenes videos and photos of many of their restaurants.

* KFC – In terms of social media buzz that caught on like wildfire, KFC asked its fans which occupations are the most extreme. After followers tweeted and posted responses like tree trimming and skyscraper construction, KFC decided high-rise window washing was the most extreme and thus delivered lunch to window washers all across Chicago.

* Jack in the Box – When it comes to creating an online persona, Jack in the Box’s very own Jack takes the cake – or better yet, the burger. Jack has his very own Facebook fan page where he answers questions and posts updates in the same original, quirky manner as his character in the Jack in the Box commercials.

As you can see, when fast food joints get social, what results is a fanatic following that gains tons of attention for the drive-thru industry.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including social media, reviews, and small business.

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