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Should A Brand Engage With Celebrities On Twitter For Getting Noticed

Establishing a new brand on Twitter is not a very simple task. Most people on Twitter are not interested in an unnoticed brand and would only follow three types of people on Twitter, firstly a celebrity Twitter account, a big brand or an account that follows back. For a brand to get established, it is important to maintain a high followers-to-following ratio. While regularly tweeting relevant stuff is a prerequisite to keeping your list of followers on Twitter satisfied, it does not always guarantee you a large follower count. For a new brand, which still hasn’t got seriously noticed, it is sometimes important to engage with celebrities on Twitter.

Why Engage With A Celebrity On Twitter?

Most social pages for new brands are mostly aimed at increasing the brand visibility. On Twitter, it is all about getting the maximum followers and reaching out to the largest number of people. Engaging with a celebrity on Twitter can help in doing just that. Celebrities do not need to do much to attain millions of followers. They are already established brands in themselves. For a brand looking for more Twitter followers, engaging with a celebrity means becoming visible to everybody who follows the celebrity. Also, not just as a shout-out, it would also give your brand the celebrities endorsement, a thing a celebrity would otherwise charge millions of dollars to do in a normal advertisement. But all these will become possible only if the celebrity responds to your engagement, in the form of ‘Re-Tweet’ or a mention in any of the tweets.

Can It Have A Negative Impact?

One important thing is that if you keep doing this regularly and keep asking celebrities to do you that favor, your desperate attempts will not impress your followers too well. It is imperative to remember that these followers that have subscribed to receive updates from you want you to tell them something important. They are not interested in seeing you beg to a celebrity. Doing so repeatedly can lead to a reduced number of followers.

How to Successfully Engage A Twitter Celebrity?

First of all, know that it is highly unlikely to successfully engage a Twitter celebrity the first few times you try. It requires persistence and craftsmanship. As an example, if your brand has launched a new product and you want a celebrity to check it out, directly asking the celebrity, “Hey @celebrity, check out my new product and RT to your followers!” will just be daft. Instead, tweeting “Just launched our new product, wonder what @celebrity thinks about it!” can be more subtle. Also, a celebrity on Twitter may not be a celebrity in real life. It should be kept in mind that it is very unlikely that a huge star endorses your brand for free. Instead, try and focus on celebrity bloggers and related Twitter accounts with a large number of followers. Engaging with them can also be simpler if it is done in the form of questions. Getting them to acknowledge your attempts at engagement a couple of times can give you what you need to kick-start your Twitter page. But when that happens, be sure you prepare well and keep your website and timeline loaded with relevant and solid content.

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  1. Hi Smith,

    I completely agree with you on the fact that establishing a new brand on twitter or any other social networking site is a tough job. Engaging a celebrity for endorsing your brand is purely personal though opinionated. The decision has to be taken based on what the response would be like and also the amount of time and money involved in this. Most of the international brands do engage in it for their own reasons.


  2. Brilliant idea, but would a celebrity, even a low key one charge an absolute fortune that most of us couldn’t afford . How wonderful for people to think of your brand/product everytime thiat particular celebrity is seen though!

  3. Engaging with celebrity is not bad but we should wisely engage with them so that it will not effect negatively.I completely agree with you author that we should keep some points in our mind before engaging with celebrities

  4. But will this targeted ? Becuase Engaging Celebrity is not much engaging for businesses!!!

  5. Hello Smith,

    Very interesting article… I am about to test this kind of stuff not with the twitter account but with the blog.

    I think being too much desperate at the front of the celebrity is cheap and might not like by your followers and you will see decrease in fan following instead of an expected rise…

    Great Article indeed!

  6. Great post,
    Found it at right time as I am not able to put my thoughts into words but this tips will now help me to put it in words thanks

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