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President Obama Plans for Facebook-Style Town Meeting April 27

President Obama has always been proactive about including social media and the latest technology into his initial campaign as well as his Presidency. Now he is prepping for a town meeting through Facebook.

April 20 is the broadcast day in which President Obama will head over to Facebook headquarters and participate in the live event alongside Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the COO Sheryl Sandberg. The event will be organized through the Facebook page of the White House and start at 4:45pm EST.

Obama is expected to discuss the recovery of the economy during the Facebook event. There will also be coverage of the funding for innovation during his visit. Facebook users will be able to post questions for the President directly on the White House Facebook Wall or the information can be submitted through the website.

While Obama has been a proponent of social media forums to reach out to Americans, he is not the first US President to go live on Facebook. Former President George W. Bush participated in a Facebook chat during a live video event when he was on a promotional tour of his memoir.

The apparent goal of the event is not only for a direct connection between Americans and the President, it appears to also be designed to increase the ‘Likes’ of the White House page with maintains a under a million followers compared to Obama’s 19 million followers.

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  1. Shivam Garg Apr 25th 2011

    Hi there,
    Nice use of social media.I think this is what technology should be used for rather than illegal activities.And Barack Obama certainly knows how to stay connected with today’s generation.

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