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Plan Your Next Social Media Strategy With Siri in Mind

When it comes to sexy new mobile technology, nothing beats Siri. She may not have the prettiest voice, and appears uncultured due to her unwillingness to work with non-English speakers, but the iPhone’s inaugural personal assistant app maintains her attractiveness through the technological breakthrough she represents.

Since the beginning of the Internet, information searches have exclusively been conducted through the entering of keywords into a search engine. Services such as Siri, with which users directly ask questions and receive answers based on the search judgments of artificial intelligence, bypass this traditional method of finding information on the web. It can safely be said that by the end of 2012, every major mobile operating system will have a similar service.

Considering the fact that mobile Internet traffic is expected to increase 400% by the middle of the decade, the writing is on the wall for anyone looking to have to choose a digital marketing agency. Those who rely on social media to achieve success will have to accept that their chosen realm of Internet marketing – and the entirety of Internet marketing itself – is going to change drastically as a result of this hand off of human-oriented web searches to AI assistant. The following are just a few examples of such changes.

PPC fades into the history books

Clicking won’t disappear over night, but as computers become more automated and personal assistant apps handle more information-seeking, it’s unlikely that pay-per-click strategies, unless implemented in the most ideal of circumstances, are ever going to pay off like they have in the past. With that said, if any hope for PPC profits remain, they will most likely be in the realm of social media, where the most human-based activity will continue to occur.

SEO loses significance or is sidelined altogether

While social media may be one of the last places where personal assistant apps will affect click campaigns, that doesn’t mean that services such as Siri won’t affect the way in which people arrive at your social media orchestrations in the first place. Instead, social media itself may be directly investigated by personal assistant apps when the user’s queries justifies such a search tactic.

Ratings and reviews reign supreme

Expect to be further pressured to integrate ratings and reviews into any social media campaign for enterprises where such applies. Siri and similar apps are going to increasingly be using the aggregate assessment of institutions via such review sites as Yelp! And Urbanspoon. The trick for anyone trying to tie a bow between social media and an increased reliance on ratings and reviews for the sake of personal assistant apps will be cracking the code of the AI searches themselves. Each assistant app will surely conduct its own information seeking in its own unique way.


Personal assistant app technology is a sexy new addition to the world of social media. It should not be considered scary by those unfamiliar with its aspects. Take the time to get to know the science of Siri as you continue your social media campaigns – you’re going to have to sooner or later.

Damian Davila is a tech blogger. You can read more articles from Damian at SexySocialMedia here. Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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  1. Hello Damian,
    thanks for this share. I completely agree that Siri is one of the sexiest mobile technologies nowadays. Apple is expanding the limits for new technologies, and i am wondering to see what they will make next…

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