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More and More Organizational Fun With Moredays

Task managers, one would think this genre of development should be full, right? Well, not just yet. A unique take on the personal online task management/scrapbook, Moredays is not everyone’s idea of organizational perfection, but it will be for some.

Still cloaked in beta testing, Moredays was somewhat revealed at TechCrunch Disrupt, and a bit more in a teaser Mashable article just the other day. What’s different about Moredays is the elegant yet useful way users can paint their personal or professional calendar – it’s a handy and simple tool kit for not only organizational bliss, but creative expression too. As you can see in the video provided, Moredays goes a long way toward being a true object oriented calendar/organizer, and we hear it will soon be out for iPad (the perfect platform) and iPhone too. If offering a tad more than competitors counts, Moredays may become a sort of cult classic.

Features like calendars and reminders are a no brainer, but adding in media features to integrate into your planning, this is where Moredays excels. Using the service is a bit like a cross between doodling and using interactive refrigerator magnets mated with video – in the cloud – if that makes sense. Imagine, for instance, planning a meeting with pictures of the participants – now think; “Is there a better way to capture or know important participants in a digital meeting?” Yes, there is, with Moredays your calendar reminds you of not only the names, but the faces and your impressions of people and events. Yes, from the creative side.

In the video below, you’ll detect how easy and fun Moredays interface is, and a bit of the elegance of the tool too. You’ll be exposed to some super fine graphic renderings here, as well as a very nice UI for an early stage development. And for useful applications? Personal planner is one, but other task management areas are suggested even more strikingly. Students and even teachers might use the platform for presentations, diagramming lessons, and otherwise planning – the list is pretty endless actually.

You can learn more about Moredays via their Crunchbase listing

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