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LinkedIn Gives Away Advertising Credits

linkedin directads logoThe professional networking site, LinkedIn, is known for developing effective email marketing campaigns to promote its premium memberships to its subscribers. Below you can find an example of one of its campaigns sent out on August 3rd, 2010

However for the first time on January 6, 2011, LinkedIn tried to promote its advertising platform, LinkedIn DirectAds to its subscribers through a $100 coupon.

linkedin email marketing

LinkedIn claims that advertisers can “connect with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals” by using DirectAds. According to LinkedIn, the site has about 90 million worldwide users (close to 36% U.S. based). Segmentation is available by geography, job function and seniority, industry and company size, and gender and age.
Linkedin Directads email

Here are some specific takeaways from the latest marketing initiative from LinkedIn.

    • Coupons are negotiable. Unlike similar advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, the coupon codes are neither tied to a specific email nor require a new advertising account. This will definitely make it attractive for users and non-users to give this a try. It might be also interesting to find out how much they sell for online.
    • Is LinkedIn near an IPO? The marketing campaign has some pundits contending that LinkedIn might be trying to juice up revenue ahead of an IPO.
    • Expect Facebook Ads to try a similar marketing campaign. Enough said. Zuckerberg’s team is known for reacting fast to competitors so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he likes the campaign and makes one of its own.
    • Keep a closer eye on Jack Chou. Who’s Jack Chou? He’s Senior Product Manager at Linkedin and the major PR person in charge of promoting LinkedIn DirectAds. You can watch his Slideshare presentation on Marketing to Today’s Professionals with DirectAds and read his posts about DirectAds at the LinkedIn Blog. Given that LinkedIn is pushing for more monetization options, Chou is an obvious choice for CEO Jeff Weiner to look for advice.

      Article by Damian Davila, email marketing and web analytics blogger at Follow him at @idaconcpts.

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      2. Damian Davila Feb 5th 2011

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      3. Today i receive by email an LinkedIn Ads Coupon Code :USD $50 in free advertising! From the first day i get almost 20,000 impresions… I think it is wonderful.

      4. @Steve Yup, they are awesome, I used one a couple months ago.Let me know how your campaign goes.

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