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Launch Your Startup with LaunchRock

Launched during Philadelphia’s Startup Weekend back in January 2011, LaunchRock helps you setup a viral launching soon page in minutes. As of November 2011, LaunchRock has already streamlined over 100 startup launches ranging from developers of Flash templates to maker of cloud-based “notepads” such as Fetchnotes. The startup is backed by $800,000 in funding from a very diverse pool of investors that includes Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, and HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes.

How Does LaunchRock Work

The basic premise of LaunchRock is empowering you to create a pre-launch page that is not only simple but also powerful. The pre-launch page is simple because it just involves a background image and a email signup form. Through the form, you will be able to gather emails to start building your email database of potential users. You will manage your email list through the LaunchRock’s Announcement Bar.

One useful feature from LaunchRock is that you can also gather useful information on your user signups such as geographic location and demographics.

Some Tips from Past Users

Jesse Maddox, CEO of TripLingo, a translation app that focuses in slang, recommends to enable the Twitter and Facebook share buttons on the pre-launch page. He indicated to Fast Company that he owed much of his 1,800 pre-launch sign-ups to the Facebook social share button on his page. Also, he points out that while Facebook leads to sign-ups, Twitter leads to page views.

Cofounder of 1band1brand, Brady Sadler, recommends that while giveaways often help spread the word about LaunchRock pages, the key is to provide relevant giveaways only. Given that 1band1brand is a site that promotes undergrounds and fashion labels with weekly sales, Brady and his team offered free downloads to users that were able to make their friends signup.

Get a a launch page in minutes with LaunchRock at

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