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Is Google Becoming Less of a Search Engine?

The new Google + has the Internet world all abuzz. Some website designers are even boycotting Google + because they think this new move is a form of monopoly.

Google, the giant of the search engine world is quickly and easily (since it commands so many searches) moved into social media in a way that has Facebook shaking in its boots.

Google + works in a way that is very similar to Facebook’s “Like It” button.  And it is designed to make money in the same way as Like It.  A user is guided to a product via a search, and then broadcasts that it likes this product with the Google plus button.  This has so much more capability than the now old fashioned Facebook Like It feature. There is an interesting dichotomy here that may very well determine the future of Google as a search engine or as a social media.

Why the Google+

As the world’s largest search engine, millions of people go to it to find things. This is pretty good for Google already because of the ad revenue they get from sponsored ads on the Google search page, and for ads on all sorts of sites that people visit based on the search results.  But this is a static process. Once the user finds what he wants, he buys it and is gone.

If Google had a following like Facebook’s, not only would the original searcher know about the product, but so would all of his friends and relatives as soon as he Google plussed it.

This is the purpose of Google +. Users sign up for the Google social media website and will now have the power to do this. Merchandisers have quickly jumped on this bandwagon and been very enthusiastic in adding Google + to their sites. The down side of this for Google is that they currently have no where near the number of users that Facebook has.

The Fight Between G+ and Facebook

Let’s now turn to Facebook. With 800 million users, it is a power in its own right – as a social media.  But it doesn’t have the search engine capabilities of doing what Google does. Will it? That is an active debate right now.

Though not an actual search engine, Facebook performs similar duties by referring traffic. According to a study by comScore, referrals by Facebook to Amazon rose by an astonishing 328% last October, while traffic from Google to Amazon actually fell 2%; traffic to Ebay from Facebook rose 81%, and it also fell from Google by 3%.

It must be pretty clear to Google that there is only one solution: it may have the biggest engine, but it needs the social media muscle to get the word out. We can expect Google to be concentrating more on its social media to avoid being left in the dust by Facebook.

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  1. I think we are going to see Google+ become a lot bigger in the next coming year. I don’t think it will fully replace Facebook as a social networking tool, but the layout of Google+ is more tailored to sharing brands than Facebook, in my opinion. Google has done well to give Google+ different features that differentiate it from Facebook.

  2. Google + has awesome features than facebook ,I think future of Google + is really great

  3. I think that in time, Google + will eventually superceed facebook. I know this sounds crazy with FB having more than 800 million users, but people generally are attracted to newer, easier, better ways of doing things. There is no loyalty to FB, it is just that it is the “in” way to socially network online right now. Google has the size and power to weild many changes, and I think that is what will eventually happen. Stay tuned

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