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Interesting Social Media Statistics, Especially For Businesses

Social media has truly taken the world by storm and most of the world has welcomed it with open arms and has actively participated in it. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have flourished into societal norms and are an everyday occurrence in the lives of people. Social media statistics show evidence of this and there are some astounding statistics on social medial usage and social media statistics for business.

In social media growth statistics news, there are now 3.5 billion pieces of content shared weekly on Facebook, which comprises of web links, news stories, blog posts and videos. People are conversing and communicating about things and issues they like, dislike, agree with or are opposed to.

A certain search marketing agency agrees with the new trend about voicing opinions via social media sites and can see the relevance when it comes to brands and businesses attempting to regulate what is being said about them and public opinion about the specific brand. In social media statistics 2011, 43% of online consumers are either part of Facebook or Twitter or are dedicated fans or followers. A staggering 53% of Tweeters recommend a company, product or service in their tweets and in terms of social media statistics for business, this is incredibly important as it is coming from an unbiased and credible source.

The average internet user watches over 30 minutes of online video per day and in statistics on social media usage, this shows that Youtube is used the most out of every other search engine, besides Google, to perform searches. Another very relevant issue for businesses wanting to utilize social media tools is that they should be clued up on whether their company’s website is viewable on a mobile device as more and more people are connecting to the internet via their phones.

Other advantageous services consumers should look into and one that is on the rise is using a SEO agency for prime optimization. In social media statists for business, the relevance of the social media world is evident in the amount of revenue that is going into this enterprise. In social media statistics 2011, 3 billion dollars was spent by businesses in order to reach online consumers and create brand awareness. This is a 55% increase from 2010 and it will only continue to rise in 2012. It is such a popular space to use as smaller enterprises are now able to advertise like the big fish companies with the same results.

Social media has also recently created a new job platform and gap in the market. The social media assistant job is to manage online communities on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as use these sites to meet people, make connections and build relationships. The social media assistant uses social media sites to advertise a company and create brand awareness for it and it is also their job to note current trends.

It is obvious that social media is here to stay and the tools and the way people use it will evolve. Social media statistics will grow and evolve with the sites themselves.

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