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How Social Media Can Enhance Fitness Marketing

Social networks are designed for the purpose of connecting individuals who share common goals and interests. For most people, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are only useful for staying in touch with family and friends. However, social media can also be a very powerful tool for business marketing. You can use social networks to connect with your customers and prospects, and thus build an effective fitness marketing campaign. Social media has indeed been an effective marketing tool for my blog where weight watchers promo codes and Bistro md coupons are offered.

Most gyms and personal trainers find it difficult to keep customers and prospects focused on their fitness programs. Many people who are initially enthusiastic about getting fit give up with time. Social media can be a great tool for keeping them motivated.


As a personal trainer, you could create a Facebook profile for yourself and then build a quality network of friends. You could also create a page for your gym and invite fans to ‘like’ it. A Facebook profile or page will help you stay in touch with people who need help in fitness issues. You can offer them information about your business, as well as share helpful tips which will keep them motivated. So how exactly can you make the most of Facebook for fitness marketing?

  • Share the latest news about fitness trends
  • Regularly post fitness tips which would be helpful to your customers and prospects
  • Post photos or videos of exercises which people can do at home
  • Post motivational videos which will encourage your customers. For instance, you could interview one of your previous customers who has benefited from your services
  • Send out information regularly to your friends or fans through the news feed
  • Create fitness-related groups and invite people who have common goals to join


Twitter is being increasingly used by businesses of all sizes to keep customers and prospects connected. Create a Twitter profile and then build your network of followers. Once you have a significant number of followers, you can then start tweeting regularly.

  • Inform your customers and prospects about your new programs
  • Share the latest developments in fitness
  • Share a fitness tip on a daily basis
  • Challenge your customers to stay committed to their personal fitness goals

Social media is the ideal solution for fitness businesses which have a hard time getting information to their customers, as well as keeping them interested in lifestyle changes. Social media allows you to send information instantly to many people at the click of a button. It is a marketing strategy that is cost-effective and convenient. When used properly, it will result in the significant growth in your business.

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  1. thanks for this, i am using Facebook to speak to my family and friends, wasnt sure how to use it as a tool for business marketing.

  2. I agree! Social media is a great way to connect people especially your families and friends but it is also a great tool for connecting with clients and discussed business with them aside from advertising and SEO marketing. It gives you a direct access in many ways like for instance blogging. There are many blogs requires creation of an account before you join the discussion forum but if you have Tweeter, Facebook and Google account, you won’t be wasting time creating the account just to share your thoughts because you can simply log in in seconds using your Facebook or Google account etc..then your in the discussion forum right away. This is marvelous isn’t it?

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