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How Facebook is Helping People Find Their Classmates?

Facebook is now the most popular social networking website on the Internet. Individuals have made new friends found old friends and have made use of  Facebook for other benefits. One can even keep in touch with their class mates to communicate for social and even academic purposes.

The Requirements

Now before you take off on your search for your class mates you have to fulfill a few requirements. In order for the search engine to find your class fellows you must fill in information regarding the year of education and name of educational institute to make sure that the search engine can find others with similar data.

In the given case that you have not put this information in your Facebook profile you can quite conveniently do this from the “Info” option tab on your respective profile page. Another way to place your educational information is through the “Information” box option on the left of the profile page. One simply has to click on the icon right next to the “Education and Work”. This will allow the necessary forms that you must fill in so you can conveniently type in the name of your educational institute be it a college, university or high school.

Find Friends

Now, one can easily go to the “Find People You Know on Facebook” page. This is simply done by just clicking on “Find Friends “at the bottom right side of the Facebook page, “Friends” on the top left and “Find Friends” in the list that is apparent below.

Search for People

Now, one has to scroll down to the “Search for People” If one has successfully submitted their educational information on their profile they will see prompts in blue mode that will likely say “Find Friends from  University” Now one can simply click on this line to present all Facebook users who have presented the same educational institute in their profile. In case a person has not included this information they can enter it in the “Fields and Search” section.

Search Classmates

Next one has to simply scroll down through the “Search Classmates” list to browse through and search for class mates on the pages that resulted from the search that one can go through by clicking on the bottom right or even the top right pages. One can even specify their search for a certain classmate by entering in their name in the allotted space presented next to the “Magnifying Glass Icon” Now results can vary as they are dependent on the type of profile information they might have entered. The search results for classmates will also be varying in relation to the privacy settings. One could quite possibly view the person searched for’s name, network and any mutual friends.

One can also try to be part of their social network through the “Add as a Friend”, “Send a Message” even “View Friend” options for each friend by simply entering into the blue type on the right side of the screen. This will allow one to select the classmates that they want to communicate with.

The “More Search Options”, “Find People You May Know on Facebook” and even the “Search for People” can be used for more advanced searches for class mates.

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  1. Facebook is really helping people to keep in touch to their loved ones across any distances. It may help connecting people and acquainting new persons. Facebook is the trend nowadays. Its soaring up high. Keep it up!

  2. Facebook is a great tool, can be used for soooo many different things, finding old friends/family as well as helping businesses build a stronger relationship with their customers.

  3. Facebook is one way of connecting to others. It is very helpful to finding old friends and relatives and aside from that, FB is one of the best methods of advertising your business. Thanks :)

  4. It’s true, indeed. I’ve got a friend back when I was just a kid and we went separate ways because we moved to another city. I totally forgot her, but facebook reminded me of that friend I once had in my childhood.

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