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How Blocking a User on Facebook Works

Facebook has numerous new and old features. It is so easy to get lost.

Besides, there are tons of people there now. No wonder “blocking” tool has become so popular.

But how does it work actually? Will blocking a person restrict him from seeing your messages on your mutual friends’ wall? Will it restrict him from seeing your profile? How is it different from simply “unfriending” a person.

Let’s make a clear list of how blocking a Facebook user works:

1. If I block a person on Facebook, will he still be able to see any of my info?

-> No, blocking users stops them from being able to see if you’re going to the
same event as them, from following links to your name (like
photos) and from seeing anything about you. You can’t search for them and they can’t search you. Facebook removes every link to your page when you block that person.

2. If I block someone on Facebook, will it remove all his or her comments from my wall?

-> No, you will have to manually delete them if you need.

3. If I block someone on Facebook, will it remove all our past private conversations?

-> No, these conversations will still be available to both of you.

4. Does blocking a Facebook user restrict him from seeing your messages on mutual friends’ walls?

-> Yes, if you block someone, he will no more be able to see your messages on your mutual friends’ wall.

5. Can I block a person who is not my friend?

-> Yes. You can set up a block list in Privacy Settings -> “Edit block list”

6. If I block a person, will I still be interacting with him within mutual games and applications.

-> Yes, for some reason, you will.

7. How can I make sure if someone has blocked me on Facebook?

-> The most obvious flag of being blocked is that you can no longer see any sign of that person. They completely vanish. You can’t find them in a search and you can’t see their profile even if you follow a link from your previous conversation or photo.

Hope things are clearer now!

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  1. Bubba Apr 4th 2011

    If someone blocks me can any of my friends still find them

  2. I really appreciate your review about the social media site called the Face-Book sometimes, it is better to block other people specially when they did something wrong, for them not to distract users anymore. this can be the best option in Face-Book.

  3. How come people can still search and find my profile on a iPhone after I have blocked them?

  4. Marcie Oct 23rd 2011

    if I sent a message from a prior email, the person will be able to read it?

  5. Rebecca Oct 28th 2011

    You can easily see the profile of someone you have blocked, or has blocked you. Create a fan page linked to your account. When you switch from your profile to the page you will be able to see whatever the user has made public.
    Of course they can do this to you as well, so blocking someone DOES NOT MEAN THEY CANNOT VIEW YOUR PROFILE. If you are concerned you should make your profile as private as possible and only accept friends you absolutely know. There are others ways to prevent creepers from finding you, but blocking is not enough.

  6. How long do you have to wait before you can see the people you have blocked?

  7. emanuel Nov 19th 2011

    Hi everyone, I have met a problem that one of my fd has already blocked and delete a guy, also have set the piracy that only friend can see his things, that guy can still can her things?
    what is the reason behind !?

  8. Edward Nov 30th 2011

    if someone blocks me, and if I have the hyperlink of her profile (say in my bookmark), can I still be able to see her profile from other accounts using the hyperlink?

  9. This message is in regards to this answer: You can easily see the profile of someone you have blocked, or has blocked you. Create a fan page linked to your account. When you switch from your profile to the page you will be able to see whatever the user has made public.
    Of course they can do this to you as well, so blocking someone DOES NOT MEAN THEY CANNOT VIEW YOUR PROFILE. If you are concerned you should make your profile as private as possible and only accept friends you absolutely know. There are others ways to prevent creepers from finding you, but blocking is not enough.
    When you switch from your profile to your fan page, you must change to “Use facebook as”. If you do a search of the person’s name and it does not come, search for a friend of the friend. If that friend shows their friend list, you can do a search in the list for the person. It should not block you.

    Also if you unblock a person, you cannot reblock them for 48 hours. So if you are thinking about unblocking someone to take a peek at their facebook profile, you might want to think twice because once you unblock , if they see this, they can then turn around and reblock you back. I just wrote an article regarding Facebook blocking.

  10. How do I block a person from a page who is not following that page? Does blocking them from the admin account automatically block them from the page?

  11. After unblocking someone, I’m unable to email them again. Is this permanent? Or how long will this last? After sending an email, facebook sends me a message in the same conversation saying


    This message was created automatically by Facebook.

    Based on the preferences of the person you’re trying to contact, this message could not be delivered.”

    Help please :)

  12. @Debbie Adams; your link does not work! When you go to it- it says “Access Denied!”
    My friend has a different problem and very serious. She has blocked a person who turned out to be very unstable and started stalking her. However somehow he was able to comment on her wall in regards to a post made by her? The post she made was a You-tube- check out this song” kind of post.
    How can he do this if he’s blocked? Is it because of You tube or is he somehow HACKING into her f.b.? We arrived at the site doing an internet search trying to find an answer!

  13. my ex blocked me and makes me angry that i can not block her back so she can not unblock me and watch what im doing

  14. Good idea! Blocking a person means that person is a spammer or maybe your stalker. You don’t want to have any connections with him/her. On the other hand, unfriending that person means you do not want to share your personal info and access or any event you do. But, remember that, its nice to have many friends even if you hate him/her. Just be careful in choosing one.

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  16. wow, you talked allot and yet not once said how to fkn Block a person now with this stupid ass new format. Grats. On being fkn useless.

    Completely useless thread..

  17. If you have someone blocked, and have a mutal friend with the person you blocked, and you tag your mutual friend in a photo, will the blocked person be able to see the photo???

  18. Billy Apr 1st 2012

    My scenario is this. If I block someone and then ‘friend’ someone that this ‘blocked’ person is friends with, will the ‘blocked’ person see on that mutual friend’s wall that I ‘am now friends with’ them? In other words, I do not want the person that I ‘block’ to know that I am friending someone that they are friends with….thanks, everyone in advance for your responses. Oh, also, will that ‘blocked’ person see me on the friends list of mutual friends we have? Again, I don’t want that ‘blocked’ person to see my name on anyone’s friend lists. Thanks!

  19. mishka Apr 21st 2012

    what will happen if i will block someone who blocked me? can that persn who blocked me still unblock me? and how come when that personblocked me all our past messages were suddenly not there?

  20. Mia eres Apr 26th 2012

    If a friend blocks someone on my friend list, will that blocked person see that friend on my friend list? or anything that friend comments on my wall?

  21. itsallfubar May 8th 2012

    Here is a scenerio and if someone can tell me exactly what is going on, I’d appreciate it. A friend apparently blocked or deleted our friendship because everything about this person went missing one night. I couldn’t find this person even in the facebook search field. The next day; however, their thumbnail profile picture and name did show up again when searching the persons name in facebook search. However, when I go double click on that person’s thumbnail profile picture, it gives me an error message “The page you requested is not found”. Have I been blocked or has this person deleted our friendship and has clamped down also on security settings? The fact this person’s picture and identity totally disappeared as if I was blocked and now has reappeared in the facebook search engine makes me think I’ve been unblocked but unable to access anything due to the security settings this person has set up. Any ideas or did I just totally confuse you?

  22. If I were to send a fb private message to someone while I’m still friends with them, then I “block” them, will they still be able to see/read the message?

  23. I follow a “celebrity” and often post to their page using my pseudonym. I have found that if I look at their page with my regular account, I do not see posts from my pseudonym account; but when I post from the pseudonym account I can see the posts but no one else can. Does that mean the person who owns the page can also still se my posts, so that really only they and I can see what I post? Or am I really blocked from anyone, including the owner from seeing what I post?

  24. AgitoStorm Jun 11th 2012

    If I were to receive a facebook private message from someone that I’m still friends with and somehow I got blocked there’s a good chance I’d still be able to read the message however I will not be able to see the person’s profile. There’s still a lot of things to consider when looking at this situation, I found this interesting article that might help clear out a few questions here.

  25. HI,
    i blocked somebody 2 time by going on there fb account and blocking them.

    But for some reason it comes back but it shows we are not friends.

    and i can search for there name again

    Can you explain this please

    Thank You

  26. HI, can you please tell me how to block a particular person, so that he can’t see who my friends are in my profile? thanks

  27. JOYCE SILLS Aug 8th 2012


  28. I have a requirement, I want to block a profile, but that profile should be able to view me but in turn I should not be able to view or search that profile. Is it possible?

  29. If I block somebody will my profile picture be removed from our private conversation and say Facebook user instead of my name ?

  30. The problem in facebuk blocking a person is that the comment of blocked people always remain as same

  31. someone blocked me and there is any steps to which i am unblocked myself

  32. catski88 Sep 19th 2012

    I blocked someone but we have mutual friends. whenever i’m tagged in a picture by my mutual friends that person i blocked can still see, like and comment on those pictures i’m tagged in!!!! WHAT GIVES???

  33. I have a facebook page linked to a fan page for art. I blocked someone on my facebook does this mean they are blocked from seeing my fan page too?

  34. how many block for a person to lock or block his/her account?

  35. 1) I blocked someone at least a year ago; he is still on my friends list, and is blocked because I don’t see any of his obnoxious political posts. BUT his nmae does not appear as being blocked under Privacy Settings/Blocked People/Manage Blocking. All the instructions I’ve seen don’t work in displaying this guy’s name, and I know he’s blocked.
    2) I have friends whose political posts are endless; can they be blocked until after the election without them knowing?

  36. Ronald Nov 17th 2012

    Was there an issue recently where Blocked contacts were double listed? My wife is accusing me of unblocking a contact because she was hacking my acct and noticed that at one point I had blocked contacts listed twice and now they are only listed once. I told her it’s impossible to double block someone, but she is convinced I am lying! HELP!

  37. Chazzy Nov 18th 2012

    If I blocked someone, will they still be able to tag me in a post?

  38. pobeda Dec 21st 2012 can somebody explain what it means ??

  39. sir i have blocked a list of few unknowns , and while doing this suddenly i had blocked on my close friend, How can i get him unblock again.

    i cant see him or his name , where n how to unblock?

  40. emilou Feb 5th 2013

    is there a way to block someone off your fan page as someone I have blocked can see my fan page and give me grief, but I cannot see how to block them unless they like the page ????

    Please help xx

  41. spastika Feb 19th 2013

    If I were to send a fb private message to someone while I’m still friends with them, then I “block” them, will they still be able to see/read the message? Also will it show me when they have read it while blocked or once they are unblocked. I suspect they may have read it while blocked and I want to know if it would show me that it was read once they were unblocked.

  42. I need to know how to block someone . Am sure they have changed there settings but I am wanting to block them if that makes sence . There name comes up on others walls but I am unable to unfriendly or block them when u go too there page .. If they prevent me from unfriending them how do I unfriend and block them.. Plz help

  43. Anonymous Mar 16th 2013

    what does it mean when you go to look at someones profile and it says network error but it works on everyone else’s

  44. Kathryn Apr 10th 2013

    Sooooo, my question is the following: why the hell are. All of you people posting all these damn questions when u can clearly SEE that none of the questions have been answered at all?? And Facebook really isn’t that hard to figure out people. If you can’t figure out how to block someone in its simplicity, you probably shouldn’t have a Facebook.

  45. If I block someone, will that person be able videos or photos of a mutual friend that is tagged?

  46. If somebody blocked me, is there a certain amount of time i stay blocked because my friend and my ex blocked me but for some reason i can see their profiles again. I jus wanna know does facebook unblock me after some time

  47. Unique situation – hoping someone can answer..

    I tagged two friends in a status update. One of them is blocked by a couple of people on my friends’ list.

    For example, I wrote –
    “Thanks for the lovely company.” and tagged Person A and Person B.

    So, if then another friend who has *blocked* Person B sees the status, do they believe I have only tagged one person, as they can’t see Person B’s name?

    Thank you!

  48. I tried to block someone to share with me anything but could not succeeded. I am just want to know how can i blocked him?

  49. Taylor Nov 12th 2013


    Yes. For example, I know someone who blocked me in one of her bipolar manic highs, and now when our mutual friend tags her in photos, I can’t see the tag. Well…either that, or I’m only seeing the photos she’s not tagged in. I think you don’t even see photos that they’re tagged in.

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