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High Tech Cars, FaceBook Integration

Did you know that one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world GM are integrating technology which will allow you to communicate directly with your Facebook profile? How crazy is that? Aside the possible safety concerns being able to tell your friends and followers that you’re outside waiting for them, or on your way to the airport, sounds fantastic!

According to USA today General Motors this will become part of the OnStar system which is a paid subscription service – so sadly not free to update your status while traveling. The strategy from GM is named ‘responsible connectivity’, an in car technology which is approved by the governments transport division, what? Yes approved, and according to them not ‘to distracting’!

How does this work?

Well interestingly, the whole process is audible, so the service will read to the driver and presumably the vehicles passengers also any messages or SMS text message. In much the same way you are able to respond by talking to the computer (which I am sure will go down well when traveling alone in a vehicle), this leaves the computer system open to interpretation – personally I don’t rate these sort of systems and I can imagine background noise might be an issue, however It’s possible that this device with all of its technological social connectivity that they may have overcome these issues.

Responsible Connectivity I mentioned was the initiative its purpose is to crave use of social media and mobile devices while driving – hopefully reducing the concentration on navigating a smart phone and increasing the time spent concentrating on the actual road, at the same time this is a perfect move in to a relatively uncharted area of automotive social media.

It seems to be that SMS transcription is something that has been missing for some time, I seem to get a lot of messages when driving and no other time of the day. Not quite sure if this a psychic trend on the behalf of those in my contact lists or not?

It’s interesting to note that this technology is user friendly and might even benefit some of the disabled drivers out there, not that I am in anyway encouraging using a mobile device while driving! Being able to talk and keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road is much better than the alternative, which in many developed nations will land you with some kind of criminal penalty and a fine.

All in all the social media movement has been moving towards less conventional methods for some time and I can seriously envisage a day when Facebook is inescapable, this particular technology I feel would be better suited on a local level and provides limited value to the end user unless you are a serial social networker.

What are your thoughts on the OnStar platform and its bold new move into the world of Facebook? Responsible Connectivity or Cashing in on Facebook?

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