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Haiti Disaster Brings out the Scam Bags

Haiti Disaster Brings out the Scam Bags

There are three things I cannot stand, someone who steals from the elderly, someone who steals from a child and someone who steals from the unfortunate. Yes I don’t like stealing at all, I despise it actually, but these three require a special place in hell.

That said, there have been confirmed reports of scammers and hoaxers exploiting the Haitian crisis to their advantage. Setting up fake text-to-donate accounts, these scammers have been using these and other methods to steal thousands of dollars from people who would like the money sent to legitimate sources.

So a word of warning, be careful who you send to, and make sure the source is legit. The Red Cross does offer a text-to-donate service which can be found on their website. Rapper Wyclef Jean has an organization named Yele that donates $5 to a relief program whenever you text “YELE” TO 501501.
f you know of any other legitimate donation sources as well as scams, let us know in the comments below.

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