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Greenhorn Connect – A Networking Startup in Boston

This November 2011, Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a shout-out to Boston entrepreneurs by stating that Silicon Valley it’s not the only place to be and that if he was starting now, he would have just stayed in Boston. So what caused Zuckerberg to make such a statement are a bunch of new startups in Boston such as networking company, Greenhornet Connect.

Based out of Boston, Greenhorn Connect has the mission of helping  build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem through increased awareness of opportunities. According to their site, the web portal connects Boston startups and enthusiasts with the many resources, events and jobs in the region as well as educational and informational content.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines greenhorn as a an inexperienced or naive person. The Greenhorn Connect specializes in providing relevant content and resourcing to greenhorn entrepreneurs and helping them efficiently pursue their dreams and goals. Co-founders Jason Evanish and Ashkan Afkhami stand out from other networking companies in that they really act as gatekeepers in filtering “stale muffins” (wannabe entrepreneurs that hog the mic during Q&A sessions and that never start their own companies) and other people that do not add value to networking events.

Even though Greenhornet Connect is not as well-known as other Boston star companies such as Trip Advisor, Kayak, Constant Contact and E Ink, they are more concerned in bringing more attention to the overall Boston entrepreneurial movement. The startup wants to expand the awareness of Boston as a great start-up hub.

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  1. This could be a platform for the local professionals to connect. But its important to determine how much time one is going to spend there and what are the objectives of signing up with a site like this. Local networks are good concepts, but they should be backed with meaningful events/ opportunities.

  2. Hi Raj, I completely agree with you. Fortunately, Jason Evanish is very active in the Boston business scene and constantly looks to either sponsor or organize useful networking events.
    Thanks for your comment,

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