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Great Twitter Tools That Cost You Nothing!

Twitter toolsTwitter has become a major social phenomenon that has taken over the Internet. Second only to Facebook in popularity, many people opt to have an account there because of the specific search database and the ability to quickly update while connecting to other accounts without a friend request. It is no wonder that it is popular, given how easy it is to use and how much it provides the user.

But did you know that there are additional tools that can be used to make your experience even more customized and positive? There are literally dozens to choose from, but here are a few of the best and most popular. Best of all, they are absolutely free!


You don’t have to update one account after another. You can actually sync your accounts together so that one update will update everything at once. You can usually do this through one social networking site to another, such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

But there is an even better way to do it now. You can add in messengers, email accounts, blogs and various other forms of social media so that everything is linked up. You can access it all from one simple place. There are a few tools for this, but my favorite is


Another great idea is post scheduling. While it only has so many applications on a personal level, it is great for anyone who runs a company Twitter, or uses it for marketing or business purposes. You can go onto a scheduling program (I prefer to use Later Bro), and you can connect with your Twitter account. From there, you can set the date and time of the message, and then write the message in a status box. It will automatically post for you.

I use this one all the time, especially when I think of more than one tweet at any given time. Since mine are not usually time sensitive, I prefer not to slam my followers with too much at one time from my feed. So it works out well to schedule them at intervals.


Do you have a blog? Do you always find yourself having to post a link to your Twitter every single time you update? Rather than do that, use TwitterFeed. This nifty little program lets you create a link between your blog’s RSS feed and your Twitter account. Each time your RSS has a new link update, it will send a tweet for your followers, along with that link and a description.

I love this myself. I own my own blog, and I was always having to relink anything I did through my Twitter. I had plenty of readers who just didn’t like subscribing to RSS feeds, so this really took out the work and frustration.

Many More!

These are only a few free services for you and your Twitter. But these three are the ones I use the most myself, and that I can highly recommend. I love that I don’t have to buy or download an app, and can instead just work through their official sites for whatever I need. I also like the options and growing features of each site.

Do you have any others that you especially enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can I recommend my free Twitter App / which gives you a Google map of where all your Twitter followers are from?

    Also if you want to see where the people you follow are from..

  2. great tips here… is a great one-stop-center site i believe..

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    wow,very interesting topic, I really enjoy reading it and thanks for sharing information about twitter additional tools and no doubt these additional tools make our experience more customized and positive.

  4. I have really grown to love Twiends which provides a way to connect with others on both Twitter and Facebook that have similar interest.

  5. These are really useful tools you have listed in your article. What is best is that they are free!

  6. You’ve shared a very useful post! This will serve as a big help for me in managing my Tweeter account. This is awesome.

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