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Google Blends Social and Search with Google+1

Social media is changing every moment with new concepts and products that are being launched. Google, the search giant have now entered the social circle with a strong product Google+ which has both a social networking platform and also a Google+1 button. The button is intended to gain social media recommendation.

A lot of websites have started using the Google+1 button. The early adopters do include Kerala Holidays a major tourism portal in India. Google aims to gain higher market share in social media with Google+ platform. Now the biggest question is whether this social gaming concept is going to be a ranking factor or would it just improve the click through rates. It is going to be improving both the search engine result as well the click through rates. Google’s David Byttow has made this clear. Below is his quote during the launch of Google+1 feature.

“We’ll also start to look at +1’s as one of the many signals we use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, including social signals from other services. For +1?s, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality over time.”

The social platform of Google is Google+ which is another sign that this new Google+1 feature is going to stay there for long. Google+ enables users to create circles where they can add friends, family members etc to separate circles. This whole project of Google is aimed at improving both sentimental ranking and author ranking.

Author rank would be a bigger factor in the coming days. If you have used Google+ button on your website then it is high time that you use the same. It is always good to leverage the latest technology in its initial stages. The Google+ is now in its beta stage and has only been released to a certain number of people. If you haven’t been able to login to the new social platform from Google. You need not have to worry as Google will be launching new invites soon.

The Google+1 button can be easily added to any website. You can get the Google+1 button code from here. I will discuss  Google+, the social networking platform of Google in upcoming post. Stay tuned and do let me know your feedback about Google initiative to become a strong social player.

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  1. Google plus is a great ranking signal, but I still do not use personally. However, I am considering it, as the society is dictating its needs, and we all must play in the accordance with what the audience wants.

  2. Facebook show the like button as the same way some person think about Google +1 button and also many people don know for what purpose this button is there and what is the benefit by this. really many people don know. So Google have to take any other step to popularize the +1 button..

  3. I think that what gives Google a headstart is the fact that more and more people are becoming unsatisfied with Facebook and Google+ gives them an alternative b/c let’s face it, who doesn’t like Google? :)

  4. Not only Google introducing like Google+, waves etc… but still we can watch some new type of services will introduce in this internet market. Really i am enjoying with Google+, because most of the users updating their interest and sharing some interesting videos, photos, etc… if you want more products and services just log in and go to account setting by clicking on your name which is in the top left hand side. Then you can see all those advanced services developed by Google.

  5. wow! This is a great pitch! I’m gonna try this one.

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