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Get Social When Promoting Your Mobile Option

Mobile BrowsingAccording to Lanyrd, 33 percent of the United States has done some form of mobile payment, incorporating all aspects of mobile credit card processing.

So, what does that mean for your business and your social media contacts?

There are many ways you can use your Twitter feed or your Facebook status updates to drive sales and boost your profit margins.

Monetizing Social Media Contacts

Monetizing your social media contacts means providing ways to increase your sales.

To do this, you’ll need to walk a fine line between selling and educating your customers. No one likes to be bombarded with a hard sell over and over again during their day. Only use your social media to push your products, and you’ll see your fans and following fall drastically.

However, offer them helpful videos, articles, and information on how they can do things cheaper, faster, or better, and they’ll stay your fans.

On average, try for about six to eight informative posts per every product mention or sales information posted. Posting about a sale, promotion, or coupon though can be worked into an information post and it be less intrusive. Keep in mind what you like in your life when going to post onto social media as your business.

Twitter versus Facebook for Business

There are many social media websites up and running now. Should your business choose Twitter or Facebook?

Each has its own set of benefits, however you should either choose the one that best fits your business lifestyle needs or choose both and cover your options:


  • Twitter has the higher amount of surfers during business hours. More people can send a short 140 character tweet rather than surf Facebook and get lost in the sea of games, ads, and postings.
  • It is easier to get a viral posting going on Twitter than it is Facebook.
  • Hashtags on twitter mean you can get the best SEO for your company.


  • Facebook is more about building long-term relationships with your customers rather than short bursts of information and random events on Twitter.
  • More people report feeling a better personal connection on Facebook than Twitter.
  • While Twitter only allows texts and the link to images, Facebook can let you showcase your goods, your design capabilities, and your business style.
  • Thanks to Facebook graphs and analytics, you can get a great demographic on who is following your business and market to that demographic.

Business Social Media

Social media has a powerful reach. Just ask one food cart vendor, Curtis Kimball, who has some 12,000 twitter followers.

According to a piece from MarketingVox, Kimball said, “Twitter allows me to have more of an on-demand business.” So, big or small, never underestimate the range that your business could have with social media.

Whether you decide to choose one social media platform and use it exclusively, or if you decide to try and work the top ones for maximum exposure, keep in mind to always make your status updates a matter of quality information over the hard sell.

About the Author: Tina Samuels has written on small business topics for five years, especially payroll solutions, social media, and about wireless credit card machines.

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