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Funniest Google Search Results

Usually Google is pretty good about staying relevant to your query. But every once in awhile, you will get some pretty random results or suggestions from the search engine, which make no sense whatsoever. Some are so bizarre that you can’t help but be shocked to realize enough people have asked the question to warrant it being a suggested answer. A few you wish you didn’t know anyone had asked…trust me, there are a lot of those.

Most of the results I get that aren’t relevant won’t be funny, more bemusing. Others are understandable because of the mistake I made when I was writing in my search term. The ones below, however, are really funny screenshots that most certainly were not the intended query by the user.

Serbian Fiction

Serbian Fiction

This is certainly something I never knew or suspected: all Serbs are lesbians. And writers, apparently. So much so that their Slavic heritage is wiped away by the sheer sapphic power of their combined presence. Either that or Google needs to work on their algorithms ability to ascertain ethnic backgrounds

Google Can…

Google Can...

Say what you will about their privacy policies and street view, Google has never before been this menacing. Kill you? Read your mind? See your house? Yeah, they are obviously slipping in these threats between more innocuous sounding suggestions. Though I am not sure what that last one is supposed to means.

No, Mr Twitchyfinn!

Why Is My Goldfish Turning Black

This one is a little sad, mainly because I can think of only two reasons a fish would be turning black. Either he is dead, or he is joining the Goth scene. Only one of those seems especially likely, though you may want to check your tank for any signs of classic Nine Inch Nails or tiny, soaked copies of Sylvia Plath. Just to be on the safe side.

Strawberry Nipples

Strawberry Nipples

OK, this has to be a quote from something…right? I have no idea what, but there is no way this is just something that was randomly said that became popular enough to warrant its own suggestion spot. Unless people frequently misplace nipples with small fruit. Now that I think about it, that isn’t that unlikely given the state of the internet and its inhabitants.

Teen Problems

How Come Girls Don't Answer Me Back

Can’t you just see the poor kid writing this query? The poor guy tries to navigate the confusing world of hormones in the digital age, but finds himself striking out like every teenage boy in history. Don’t worry, anonymous teenage boys! It gets better (mostly).

What are some of your favorite examples of funny Google results or suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Those are good!! I can’t come up with anything right off the top of my head but I do remember typing in random things just to see what would come up and we would have some good laughs. You are right though, some aren’t so funny, down right scary or odd! But it still will make a bad day a little better knowing that there are others out there seeing the exact same results that you are.

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