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Five Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Are you a Facebook stalker? Come on, admit it. You love to spend your free time roaming from page to page, checking out what your friends and people you barely know are posting on Facebook. From extra-personal status updates to scandalous photos, you delight in all the over-sharing.

It’s a rush to get the latest gossip. Even the most mundane information is suddenly relevant. You can know every detail of anyone’s life! It gives you a sense of omnipotence to know what people you never even talk to in real life did last weekend. You can spend hours and hours delving into the profiles of anyone who piques your interest, from the clerk at your grocery store to the hot guy in your lab to your mom.

If you’re a Facebook stalker, this post isn’t for you. Facebook stalkers want you to give into all your posting whims. “Yes, add that photo of you falling down drunk at the bar! Yes, post those lyrics that remind you of your last relationship! If you’re thinking maybe you shouldn’t post that, you definitely should!” But if you don’t want to be a victim of Facebook stalking, it’s a good idea to censor your page. Post only the things you’d want everyone to know, and leave out anything you wouldn’t divulge in a face-to-face conversation with a stranger. Here are five things you should never post on Facebook.

Drunk Pictures

You probably don’t want people to think you’re an out-of-control mess who parties too much or can’t handle their liquor. So don’t give them a reason to think so. Don’t post pictures of yourself drunk, high, or engaging in any illicit behavior. Your parents or your boss or anyone else you want to impress could see them. This is a no-brainer, and exactly the type of content a Facebook stalker relishes in.

Your Every Waking Moment

Don’t bore the masses by posting that you just brushed your teeth and are about to eat breakfast, then say ten minutes later your cereal was delicious. Nothing is more annoying than the person that over-shares to the max. Your constant updates about nothing interesting will clog up your friends’ newsfeeds and make it harder for them to see the stuff they really want to. Think about what you’re about to post, and if you wouldn’t care if someone else told you the same thing, refrain from sharing.


Yes, your breakup really sucks. But don’t post about it. Leave out the lamenting and poor-me status updates. Don’t post that sad country song. It only makes you seem pathetic, and it’s embarrassing, to yourself and your ex. They might not want their business made public, and you don’t really have a right to share the details of your relationship that are probably very personal and private. Stalkers love this, so don’t do it.

Love Sickness

Just like you shouldn’t post when you’re heartbroken, don’t post when you’re lovesick. Maybe you’re really obsessed with your hot new boyfriend, but posting about how sexy he is and how you just can’t wait until he comes over is kind of gross to everyone else. Posting on his wall, “I love you sooo much, baby,” is embarrassing, too. Sure you can be excited about your new relationship, but spare everyone else the details.


Facebook can be a good place for a healthy debate over news and politics, but don’t overdo it. Chances are your friends will have a wide variety of beliefs, and if you post any extra-political messages or images, you risk offending some of them. Facebook isn’t the place to assert your controversial viewpoints, especially if you’re not open to hearing the opinions of others

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10 Replies

  1. Surely it’s people’s own prerogative if they want to post drunk photos or about their recent break-up? I can understand it if you were speaking in reference to employers or potential employers seeing these things, but if this isn’t a concern then surely people can post whatever they like. You might offend or annoy your friends, in which case you must ask if they are really your friends?

    The newer Facebook allows you to selectively share items. I would say share whatever you like, but be careful what you share and with whom.

  2. I have two separate fb accounts – one for personal and one for professional contacts. That solves a lot of problems! Its better not to post anything related to ones job/ employer as well. You never know how fast information gets propagated. Especially such information!

  3. I agree with Dan. The question isn’t what you should and shouldn’t be sharing, rather who you should and shouldn’t be sharing it with.

  4. Hi there,

    i agree with Raj.

    Its not good to post anything on FB or Twitter or other Social Networks. Many People posts all Things.. i`m hungry, i go to Bed with…. and we make know….. and we got 35 Gin Tonic 😉 ok, this was too much, but its true.

    Many People are exibitionists. and this is not good for them

  5. It’s really annoying to read of those that are posting everything they do.. Social media is free but we must be responsible in every thing that we post.

  6. Not gonna lie, I have posted a lot of the heartbreak status updates. Next time I go through a bad breakup, I vow not to do it again.

  7. This is very good message for all of us.I allways remember your message.thank you so much for sharing your advise.

  8. I try to use the phrase “sleep on it” to handle all my post. The internet has made this alot harder. This is because to sleep on something always gave you time to process it or work through the emotion before a big meeting. Now with facebook the meeting is immediate with a click of a button. So while the urge is greater the need to sleep on it is stilli important to stop ourselves from making stupid post.

  9. But am often seeing all the above mentioned activities in my friends’ wall. Many people posting abusive contents too. I am sharing it through facebook too. Thank you!!

  10. People have made FaceBook their “walk of shame” avenue. It is where the small talk like the big, while the big just act all kiddish.
    Those people who post pictures of their every event, one is bored in their bedroom, takes a photo and just uploads it, moves to the kitchen and does so again.
    There are those who tell take their lives onto Facebook. I understand Facebook asks you what is on your mind but them again, it takes a smart person to know where to stop following such a leading question.
    But I got to admit, sometimes, you just sit back and have a good laugh at all the things on your News Feed especially the troll faces.

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