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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – The Social Media Powerhouses

The use of the world of online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is now inevitable if you want to conveniently connect with others, perform any type of online business, or to simply develop relationships with school or college mates or relatives.

Facebook was created as a social association service, specifically for college students in February 2004 by a company named Facebook, Inc. The founder’s name is Mark Zuckerberg.  Since its inception, it has grown enormously by adding members and has reached approximately 500,000,000 (500 million) users by July 2010. It is now the most trafficked website in the world.

A user can send and receive messages and created updates for their contacts. Apart from these basic features, one can create interest groups in Facebook and can also join other groups of interests.  Many companies are considering that getting more exposure on Facebook is a plus point to their business development. Facebook ads are another powerful way to promote a business online using PPC i.e. paid-to-click program.

Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006. The basic concept of Twitter is micro-blogging. This simply means sending any messages that contains 140 characters or below. The micro messages sent via Twitter are called tweets. The main power of Twitter is its intense speed of information broadcast, more-so than any other social media sites.  A user can follow people of his or her interest by selecting their profiles, and he or she can be followed by other people mutually. They can share their knowledge and business tips.  Twitter is recognized and used all over the world because of its speed of information divulgence.

LinkedIn is also another important social media website. This is a specifically business-minded site, founded in the year 2003. The specialty of LinkedIn is that users of any professional skill can create an exclusive profile of him or herself and so they can be found by other people in need of their business services.

The growth of social media is unlimited. New niche social media websites appear every day, but the vast reach of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook make them exponentially more powerful.  One could perhaps say that Facebook, being much larger than all other social media sites, is winning the race, but with concerns over privacy and the wealth of competitors it must continue to innovate if it is to remain the king of social networking.

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  1. great site here found a message from you on guest bloggers, I’ve put you in my favorites.

    I suggest someone write a program for word press plugins for twitter, facebook, etc to be added to the blogs

    I can’t seem to find a good one.
    those little tiny things they have on there are a joke, I’d like something fancier :)

    also if you can recommend a good entertainment theme from word press.

    they changed mine!

    and my traffic dropped in one day from 30,000 hits to 1800.. it’s stayed low ever since.

  2. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – Social media powerhouses, no doubt in that……………… Now the best and most liked social media is none other than these F-T-L only! I’m not able to tell particular one to be my favorite all three are simply awesome :)

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