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Facebook Standing Up to Bullying

Facebook announced at the Bullying Prevention conference held at the White House recently that they are instituting new tools to help protect the social media sites users from cyberbullying. The company said they are looking to create a ‘culture of respect’ throughout the Facebook community.

The tools being included into Facebook’s system comprises of a safety center with resources for multimedia along with more social tools that allow users to more easily and promptly report content that is considered bullying or offensive to users.

Facebook has also set up the platform where users have options to be more social and more involved in the community. Users can choose to message posters of offensive content privately. Those who wish to report offensive posting to Facebook directly have the option to include a trusted person of authority (think parents/teachers) as a contact person on the incident report being filed.

The social media site also will be displaying more videos on an education level with experts who help to discuss and share opinions on bullying and prevention of bullying. Teen users in particular are going to be asked to provide feedback about the technology and resources as well as opportunities to discuss using technology in a safer manner.

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  1. That’s a good move! Facebook Rules are getting strict day by day

  2. This is really good news. I’m glad that facebook is leading the field in this area. Bullying is so easily dismissed – until something dreadful happens. I’m so glad I found this piece of news and your blog :)

  3. That’s really great news, as cyberbullying is becoming a bigger problem every day.

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