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New research indicates that Facebook is as addictive as crack or heroin. Just like Pavolov’s dogs, we’re mentally salivating for a ping or a ding that increases the dopamine levels in our brains. People who have been spending significant amounts of time on the Internet had different prefrontal cortexes than those who still have lives offline.

No one really knows yet if those with altered brains are naturally drawn to the Internet or whether it’s the Internet itself that scrambles the minds of its users. More research may reveal the answer to this mystery. However, there’s no denying that the more time a subject spends online, the more atrophied his or her brain becomes.

Social media in particular is beginning to become a substitute for a real social life for many people. It’s taking the place of exercise, sleep and real face-to-face interaction, leading to increased depression and anxiety. It’s a self perpetuating cycle that millions are finding tough to break.

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  1. Social media is the one of bet tools for marketing and advertising in now days. Actually for face book it depends on users for which purpose they are going to use this most of people use it for just time pass having fun and playing games but actually you can use it as marketing and for many other positive things.

  2. Facebook is a social networking side where we can share all things like problems, emotions, psychology etc.

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