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Facebook Live Streaming is an Unrehearsed Amateur Event

Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook founder, gave a scheduled meeting to make new Facebook announcements. Although there was some speculations and rumors floating around that Facebook was going to buyout Twitter or Skype or YouTube, that proved to be unfounded. Among the announcements were the ability to download your private information and new interface on how to build groups and friends lists.

Facebook has decided that users should be able to have access to all their message threads, pictures and videos. They understand the privacy issues and that users should be able to remove their personal information if they want to leave Facebook or move their information to another platform. This will now be available when Facebook unveils its new interface by the end of the week.

One of the newest innovations is the development of groups. Facebook does have groups now, but new group development will be made easier. It will also allow group chat. Now when chatting it is only on a ‘one on one’ basis. With the new Facebook, users are able to invite other friends to join a chat together. This will be a big bonus for small businesses to discuss issues, and will be fun for travelers, and family members or friend who want to chat together.

To make a group it will be easy to develop groups and to add friends and users. If you add a friend that is not welcome to the group it is openly identified who invited the person to the group. If you decide not to join a group or leave a group you can only be reinstated if you choose to do so.

To honor privacy settings there will be three main choices for groups functionality; open, closed and secret. Open groups will allow visitors to see the group members and content, closed visitors can see the group members but no content and the secret group visitors are unable to see members or content.

Other interesting features are Group email and Group Docs. Similar to other platforms, Group Docs offers people the functionality to share documents with friends within the group. Keeping in touch with group members will be made easier with group email. This way sharing email can be targeted to certain people.

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