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Do Small Businesses Need To Be On Twitter?

small businessTwitter is definitely one of the most popular social networks that many small businesses should use. Although Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn are said to be the must-have networks for social media marketing, only a small fraction of small businesses utilizes these sites. Simply because majority of businesses, large-scale or small-scale ventures, would rather engage with the social media site that is far more popular than most and that is Twitter. In fact, Twitter has more than 500 million users as of April 2012 and the figure continues to grow with more than 450,000 new members signing up daily.

You can never go wrong in choosing Twitter as a social network medium for business marketing with the vast population of its members. So, do small businesses need to be on Twitter? The answer is an enormous “yes”. Read the following details of this article and find out why.

You Can Respond to Questions

Responding to questions is one of the most neglected things to do among large companies. Conversely, small businesses should never ignore questions from the clients or potential customers. However, many small-scale businesses easily disregard questions or if they do, they spend the least amount of time for this task. Fortunately, Twitter allows small businesses easily to respond to their clients’ concerns. You can just click the “reply” button and start answering questions. That’s fairly easy but with too many questions to be answered, it can be very time-consuming. Nevertheless, since you need engagement among clients and potential customers, then you should make them as your top priority.

You Can Build Relationship

Twitter has several helpful features in which you can build relationships aside from responding to your clients’ questions. Keep in mind that one of the most common pitfalls in social marketing strategies is overly promoting your business. The best way to promote your business as discrete as possible is to share only 50% of your content while the other 50% should be spent for non-promotional purposes. Repining, sharing and retweeting are other stuffs aside from your contents that will help you do so. Show to your followers that you are also listening to them. That way, you can easily catch their affection and build real relationships and not just merely connections.

You Can Analyze Efforts

Analyzing how much effort you exert for your social media marketing strategies is more than just counting how many Twitter followers you already have. What really counts the most is how much traffic does social media like the one Twitter can drive on your site. There are already available applications that you can integrate to your website to know how many of them are from Twitter. With that, you can easily analyze if your efforts are gratifying enough or just being wasted.

You Can Redefine Your Goals

When trying to figure out what to tweet, it’s very essential that you know its purpose and how will it affect your followers. Twitter only allows 140 characters in every tweet and it’s quite challenging to mention your goals with that small number. Therefore, it’s very important that you should make your tweets as concise and specific as possible. That way, you can narrow down and effectively redefine your goals for your small business.

Those are all the reasons why small businesses need to be on Twitter. Indeed, Twitter is absolutely one of the best sites for social media marketing.

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