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Discover the Most Talented People in Your LinkedIn Network

Savvy business professionals spend a lot of time building up their LinkedIn profile so that they can use it both as a presentation card and a way for others to find them.

However, in a sea of LinkedIn profiles, how do you know who’s the best professional out of the bunch?

Based out of Redwood City, CA, Mixtent is a startup that had the exact same question.


Mixtent is built on the core notion that collective intelligence gathered through engaging experience can provide the right data to solve the hardest problems online. Their mission is to reduce structural unemployment driving down asymmetries of information and increasing liquidity on the labor market.

Mixtent is building a professional reputation graph on top of the main social and professional networks. They believe they can become a driving force in making online recruitment and talent management materially more efficient.

How Do I Find the Talent?

You sign up for Mixtent by connecting the app to your LinkedIn profile. (Disclaimer: if you’re not comfortable granting access to 3rd parties to your LinkedIn profile, then this app is NOT for you).

mixtent linkedin

Mixtent scrubs your profile to parse all kinds of information about you, such as how well you know certain contacts and who are your most direct peers. Then Mixtent polls other Mixtent users you know on specific job-related questions about you and those peers (e.g. “Who is the best software developer?”). Your peers can vote on you anonymously and your peers, so you don’t have a potential problem where people negotiate recommendations for one another.

mixtent voting

Another nice feature of Mixtent is that you can see where you and your connections rank. You can discover how you are perceived by coworkers, connections, and everybody else.

Your vote is completely private and the voter is never revealed. This helps maximize the honesty of each ranking. If you wish to share your vote, you can only do so with the winner.

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  1. Nice information.I like the concept of mixtent.I like the feature that we can see where our connections rank.

  2. @Shivam Glad you liked this service. It’s pretty interesting to see how fast you can go through rating one peer after another. The only downside is that you need to have a good amount of LinkedIn connections, in order for the “rating game” to go on for a while.

  3. Good concept and match making of birthdays. How can i have that connection?

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