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DataSift Provides Brands Tools for Social Media Analysis

datasiftFounded by Nick Halstead back in 2008 in the U.K., Datasift is (as of the time this article was written) only one of the 2 companies in the world that Twitter has allowed to re-syndicate its content.

Nick is well known in social media circles because he founded TweetMeme, a leading platform in providing social news via Twitter available in 30 countries. Oh, and by the way, responsible for the invention of the highly successful Retweet button.

How Datasift Uses Twitter Data

Datasift’s access to Twitter data is quite impressive and is able to provide brands impressive insights. In October 2011, Datasift indicated to that they could monitor up to 100,000 mentions of Coca Cola per day. However, unlike similar services, they are able to filter through specific demographics such as age range and location.

For example, during a certain period Datasift gathered a total of 165,306 tweets.

According to Datasift, within those tweets most check-ins occurred as follows:

  1. Starbucks Sao Paulo: 5,351
  2. Starbucks Moscow: 1,502
  3. Starbucks Coffee New York: 1,236
  4. Starbucks Johore, Malaysia: 662
  5. Starbucks Toronto: 519

Countries that the tweets most frequently came from:

  1. United States: 34,557 tweets
  2. Japan: 5,351 tweets
  3. Mexico: 5,344 tweets
  4. Turkey: 4,432 tweets
  5. Malaysia: 3,476 tweets

Most tweets came from a specific Starbucks location at 13:00.

Datasift is able to get at a more granular levels to provide business the answers to the key questions they have.

Future of Datasift

Darren Paterson, Datasift’s COO, revealed in October 2011 to that while the Twitter license is a huge opportunity for his company, it is also a potential threat if Twitter was to either suddenly pull it or create barriers to how Datasift uses it. Therefore, Datasift is focused on getting coverage beyond Twitter and move to additional platforms as much as possible.

By Damian Davila, blogger covering social media at You can read more articles from Damian at SexySocialMedia here. Follow him on Twitter at @idaconcpts.

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