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Career Opportunity and Facebook

If you’re in the market to find a new job in the current financial wake – it might be worth taking a peek at Facebook to help you successfully get a new job? Social media is getting more and more popular and many of my friends have actually used websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to help themselves find interviews and new career opportunities.

Facebook has a very large reach and is the most used and populated social network, it is also the second most visited website on the entire Internet following the search engine, so you can imagine it’s a serious website attracting tones of people from every corner of the world.

Since was launched in 2004 it has attracted some 500, 000, 000 users worldwide and interestingly most of the users check in daily. With such a large and expansive user base, it is no wonder that people like you and I are turning to websites like, and to help us find new careers.

No longer do we need to purchase the broad sheet or local newspapers in order to find a job, we can simply log into our favourite social networking site and find job opportunities! All you need to get job hunting on Facebook is a computer, laptop or a smartphone with internet access.

There are tons of ways you might find yourself applying for a job on Facebook:

Head Hunters / Recruiters

If your profile is publicly available (as is the default setting for many profiles) recruiters or head hunters may be able to locate your profile either through friends, directly or via groups you are connected to.

Advertising Space

Ads are displayed down the right hand side of pretty much every screen and hard to miss! Even photos have advertising below them now; these can be very useful.

Let me explain, Facebook allows an advertiser to specify certain demographic information, such as age group, marital status, gender and level of education – while you may think this information is very personal, it does help to ensure that advertising reaching you is very relevant to both yourself and them! If you’re seeing career options all of the time, the chances are you are in demand (or someone who matches your description, at least).


Facebook allows you to search their websites users and communities to find relevant matches; therefore Doctor Job or Doctor Vacancies will likely lead you down a very pertinent path of career hunting.


When using search you will probably stumble upon some groups which are specifically setup to advertise jobs or may even be recruiters pages, joining such groups will ensure you get a ‘feed’ from this source and stay up to date with relevant vacancies to your wall.

A few years ago I would never have considered Social Networks like Facebook as a viable place to start a job hunt – their reach has exceeded traditional purpose and is slowly making itself relevant to so many different resources – not just job hunting, and if all else fails during your search it’s an additional source for consideration would you not agree?

Isaac writes for Team 24 who are a Doctor Jobs specialist – providing Nurse and Doctor Recruitment for a wide range of temporary placements.

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  1. This is a great post. I know of Facebook marketplace but you have listed some other great ways to find a job using it. I wouldn’t have thought about using my facebook account to find a job until now. Thank you for sharing :)

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