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Social Media Jobs

Do you like to Tweet?  You may be in luck as companies are searching for social butterflies as part of their business strategy.  Companies that used to crack down on staff that used office time to publicize their latest adventures at the water cooler are now embracing their socialites to give a leg up to their on-line presence.

Some tasks as a new Social Media Expert could include responding to posts made by site visitors and typing in 140 character messages directing inquiries.  Social media is not just about text and new media experts also produce smart web videos and manage site content.

Generating traffic through a stream of focused content invites new and repeat visitors to the site.  Traditional advertising developed a visual presence trying to attract buyers.  Web based marketing (like affiliate marketing for example) is a two way communication in which the audience just doesn’t want to listen or look or be sold to.  They want to provide feedback and get acknowledged.

Alexandra Samuel and her husband Rob Cottingham of Social Signal, a Vancouver based social media guru, founded one of the world’s earliest social media companies in 2005.  Samuel identifies that a social media expert can be a career choice. She states “this is one of the few fields where you can come in as a 23 year old and be seen as an authority”.

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8 Replies

  1. Does anyone know any social butterflies?

  2. Victoria Moss Jun 4th 2010

    I am an extreme social butterfly!! Anyone know how I can get in on this?!

  3. Being able to connect with people in 140 characters or less on twitter is definitely a skill. Brevity, wit and good content = sheer brilliance!

  4. Lauren Nov 6th 2011

    Does anyone know of a social media job opening working from home? I would love to do this type of thing.

  5. Most companies are looking for social media managers to work as full or part time employees. The only way to do it from home is to start your own social media consulting business.

  6. marie sullivan May 28th 2012

    This seems like a perfect fit for me. I’m a s.a.h.m. How might begin my own social media consulting business? Tips and advice, please?! & thank you.

  7. check out this is how i got started

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