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Branding Your Company Via Vine

vineIf you aren’t sure what Vine is, you need to stop what you are doing and pay attention.

This new app from Twitter can help bring your company’s brand to the front of the crowd by using a few seconds of your time. Vine is an app you install on your phone for shooting short six second videos. You’ll be surprised in what you can do in six seconds.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

When you make videos with Vine you are getting connected with your customers. If you have something that needs to be demonstrated, such as how a product works, you can make a series of videos. Customers can watch them and learn. You’ll not only be teaching customers, you’ll be branding yourself as a company that cares.

When you are connected you can also ask customers to submit video testimony. This is similar to word of mouth advertising, except that you’re actually creating brand ambassadors. You can also hold contests where customers submit videos of themselves via Vine.

Put A Face On Your Brand

When you get personal, customers get to know you. People enjoy knowing who is behind a product or service. Take the time to show people things that are important to you – your offices, your desk, where products are made, and staff. Let staff make videos and share them (within good taste). People love to see the fun side of a company, get playful with your videos. Show them you and your staff are fun people.

Answer questions via video, as well. This lets your clients know you take them seriously. You can create a library of video for an FAQ page to go along with your regular text only FAQ.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Not only can you connect with customers, you can get them talking.

Advertise events that you will be holding soon. Take people on a walk-through of new products, show them what’s new, and give them sneak peeks of prototypes. If you’re a small new eatery – show off new menu items, nothing creates buzz like food porn!

Word of mouth is not technically spread by mouth these days, buzz is spread more by ‘likes’, retweets, and shares on social media. If you can get hundreds or even thousands of shares then you’ve just went viral.

Going viral is a very good thing if the video you’ve created shows your brand in a good light. This can give thousands of people a good impression of your company and send sales through the roof.

Mobile browsing and video sharing has become the number one way people access the internet and videos. Since people are using mobile devices more, they are more likely to show people they are with your video.

Vine can be a very useful tool in branding, if used wisely. All it takes is a mobile phone and s seconds. Creativity is an added bonus – don’t be boring!

Excite your customers a few seconds at a time and create the brand you’ve been dreaming of.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on social media, Steve Wynn, marketing, and small business topics.

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  1. Vine is definitely a must have these days. Simply because of two facts, its easy to use, really simple, and the outcomes are great, offers really deep outreach. I have some experience using it, and in my case, I have benefitted.

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