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Avoidr: The Anti-Social Media

The anti-social element is creeping into the social media. It doesn’t take long for the contrarians to make a 180 degree turn with every step in the social direction. Take for example the new Avoidr app that can be used by Foursquare users.

As anyone can guess, rather than a meet up location finder Avoidr allows users to mark certain people to be avoided. After going to the Avoidr site, you sign in using your Foursquare account. Once signed in you can declare a person ‘dead to you’. This may have its applications for the teen age set and may even be handy to avoid people you owe money to. It does however; detract from the whole social aspect of Foursquare.

Other applications of the Avoidr program are the ability for name calling. Selecting insults like “jerk” or other less than flattering names can be plucked from a list to send to your non-friends.

Foursquare is known for its Mayor Status and other badges. It is a powerful tool used to locate friends and family who share the same interests. Other badges such as “newbie”, “Crunked” (4+stops in one night), “Gym Rat”, “Warhol”, and a badge called “I’m on a boat” can be earned for various things. It is a fun way to get around and now some venues even offer Mayor Status discounts.

What social media always comes down to is that no matter what social media site you use, if you don’t want your information showing up everywhere, then don’t overshare.

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