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A Simple Guide To Organic Internet Marketing

organic-marketingListen up; if you have a website then you probably need to market it. And, because it’s something that is online that you are trying to market, then you will want to go with Internet Marketing. Now, with Internet marketing you have two main options: paid and organic.

Paid Inclusion Marketing, which includes things like PPC (pay per click) advertising, is where you pay for the traffic that is being directed to your site. You can pay per view, per click, per lead, etc.

Today we are here to talk about Organic Internet Marketing.

A Simple Guide to Organic Internet Marketing

First off, let’s make sure you understand what organic traffic is. Organic traffic is traffic that is brought to a website “organically,” or naturally. It is traffic that isn’t paid for, or isn’t brought to a website through advertisements.

So what is Organic Internet Marketing then? Simply put, it is the process of implementing certain strategies or performing certain steps (more on that below) to work to bring more organic traffic to a website.

The Different Forms of Organic Internet Marketing

There are 4 main aspects or elements associated with organic Internet marketing. I’ll discuss each of them briefly:

1. Search Engine Optimization

When someone types a search into Google or another search engine, the main results on the SERP (search engine results page) that are shown to the searcher are the organic results. These are the results that are shown in the middle of the SERP, right below the first set of paid results.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of performing certain functions to work to help a web page move up higher in the organic search results. The higher up a webpage is able to show up in the SERPs, generally the more traffic they are able to receive from the search engines. So, organic Internet marketing works to help a page get more favorable results in the SERPs, thus hopefully bringing that site more traffic.

2. Social Media

Most websites get the majority of their traffic from the search engines. But another high traffic source is social traffic. This is traffic that comes from different social media networks, including FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. So, social media marketing is working to increase your or your company’s social media presence to work to bring more traffic from social media sources to your website.

3. Direct Navigation

Of course there are large amounts of traffic to be received from search engines and social media sites. But never forget the importance of direct navigation! Direct navigation is exactly what it sounds like: someone navigating to your site directly, or without using an intermediary source like a search engine or social media site. It is when someone types in the name of your website to be directed directly to your site. Direct Navigation marketing includes finding more ways to get people to go to your site from what they type into the address bar.

4. Branding

Branding is another extremely important part of organic internet marketing. It is the process of working to increase the image and awareness of your or your company’s brand. By implementing a strong branding campaign, you can work to help more people become aware of your brand, in turn working to increase traffic to your site even more.

Nicole is a writer for the Internet marketing industry. She recommends Aggregatur for a great lead generation company.

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