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3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

FACEBOOK(LET) FrontsideEvery small business has their ups and downs, but what sets one business apart from another is their strategy and marketing tactics. If you’re interested in learning the best tips for small businesses looking to dabble into social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Pay close attention, because what you’re about to read could drastically change your business.


Facebook has been around for a pretty long time now and is certainly referred to as the most popular social networking site. Facebook today is used for everything from connecting with friends to buying a pair of shoes. The social network has grown into an enormous platform for businesses to reach out to current customers and potential customers.

Using Facebook, you have the opportunity to search your competitors and evaluate their Facebook presence. If they are using the type of messaging you’d like to use, refer to their page as a guideline for how you want yours to look, and build it out. If you see that a competitor is doing something you think you should be doing, embrace it. The best thing you can do is learn from others on social media, especially Facebook.

Create a page, start posting and generate conversation. Your goal is for your customers to feel comfortable coming to your Facebook page and asking questions, writing comments and engaging in conversations. This will not only help your business but it will help spread the word about your business to others.


Twitter offers an incredible marketing platform for those who see its usefulness. While many people think there’s no way of expressing yourself with 140 characters, many people see Twitter as a news source and when seeking information, choose Twitter over any other news platform.

For businesses, Twitter can provide the opportunity to reach out to people who may be interested in the industry your business is in by searching trending words. Getting in on the conversation and being able to answer people’s questions relating to your industry is a great way to create relationships with consumers, regardless of whether or not they’ve heard of your business.

Online Blog

You’ve seen companies jumping into developing company blogs and then letting them sit stagnant with no new content for months. It needs to be said that if you and your company don’t have enough time to keep up a blog, then don’t get one. When it’s October and you’re checking out a blog who’s last post is from March, it’s a red flag and can turn people away.

If you feel like your company can take on blogging, focus on content first. Great content and keywords can help create a great blog that will attract customers. It will also boost your search ranking in search engines, if you do it properly. Your goal is to keep up with relevant industry news and to be seen as a thought leader in your industry. If you prove you and your company know what you’re talking about, people will not only come to your blog for industry news but they’ll also be more likely to become customers of your business.

While there are so many Internet marketing platforms, the three above are your best bets, especially if you’re just starting out. Owning a business is difficult enough, so don’t allow social media and other marketing techniques to add any additional challenges to your life. By implementing Facebook, Twitter and an online blog properly, you’ll see the changes in your business in little to no time at all.

Jane Hernandez is a freelance writer and small business owner. After researching a plethora of mba online degree programs, Jane’s confident that she would like to return to school to learn more about owning a business. She hopes to continue growing out her company and to enjoy her success!

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  1. Great ideas you post. Very informative especially for newbies like me.

  2. Great post – Especially when it comes to networking and building relationships – Twitter, Google+ , Facebook, which ever network your targeted users spend the most of their time, will be sure to drive traffic and increase exposure.

  3. Hi,

    Facebook and twitter are always popular platforms for marketing. Online blog is a much better way to reach the hearts of readers. Depending upon our feasibility we need to adopt the best approach.

  4. great informative post. Actually most of us adopt above all tips to boost the business but problem is we didn’t pay as much attention as we need to give to the all tools like bolg,facebook etc.. If we are using these plat forms as marketing tools then we must spend our time on these places to get more and more traffic

  5. I wonder this article is not upto the current trend. The author missed Pinterest, which is driving huge traffic for small business which drives an equal traffic to that of combined traffic of (twitter + googleplus + linkedin). This more significant enough to include Pinterest in your article.

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