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2 Non-Negotiables for Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Are you having a difficult time learning the in’s and out’s of social networks? Going on to Facebook or Twitter for the first time can be an intimidating proposition. You are hit with a deluge of information, social network specific terminology, all types of advice, and of course, bad advice, and you will likely experience overwhelm. No worries. This is your social media tuition, the feelings you must face, embrace and release as you set out to grow your business using these networks.

Keep one basic idea in mind as you grow your opportunity using social media. Give before you take persistently to become popular on social media websites. As you give before you take on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus you will naturally become quite popular with people in your niche. As you become popular with people in your niche expect to become a business magnet, attracting people who will grow your biz opportunity. The process is quite simple but you need to move your own selfish needs out of the way and prepare yourself to be a free giver, because most people are inherently selfish, at least based on the conditioning they receive from individuals surrounding them.

Giving Value

Focus on the idea of giving value as you hit social networks to promote your business for the first time. At first glance you will be stunned at how few people really bring value to the social media table, so it makes sense to note immediately why these people are failing on Facebook, or Twitter. They are trying to get value before giving anything of value. They are trying to receive before they give, pushing their business links and opportunities on all types of social media websites. This is a quick and easy way to generate a ton of home business leads. But you need to remember this, at all times, and remain persistent in adopting the giving mindset. Give freely to receive quite easily on social media websites.

Connect Persistently to Grow Your Opportunity

Believe it or not, other people will be as responsible for growing your business on social networks as you will. Why is this the case? Other people buy your stuff or join your team. Other people give you their money. Other people can expand your presence with alarming speed, by promoting you. See how much of your business growing success is dependent on others, when it comes to social media websites and sharing your opportunity? Help other people out, promote their business opportunity and content rich blog posts, and they will do the same for you, and you will reach new audiences and grow your opportunity. You will get in exact response to how much you give, and how many people you connect with. Persistently build relationships with people from your niche and you should prosper quite nicely on social sites.

Use these simple tips to grow your business using social networks today.

Kelli Cooper, writing for Exhibit Deal is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to effectively use social media for business purposes.

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